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One of the important features of your home is the Deck. The deck enhances your exterior design efforts by blending well with your house colors. It also creates the perfect surface for relaxing next to your pool. However, the beauty of the deck does not come on a silver platter. To be able to attain an awesome looking deck, you need to get the services of the best technicians. You need to get an experienced deck installer to create an awesome deck. After installing your deck, you need an experienced deck painting expert to do the finishing. At Unite Contractors, we pride ourselves for being the best deck painting Boston contractors in Boston. You can rely on us to help you bring out the beauty of your deck by providing our unmatched finishing services. We offer a diverse range of finishing services on both exterior and interior spaces.

Our deck finishing services include:

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Deck Painting in Boston MA

Deck painting in Boston MA mainly involves the application of color. You may choose to use a uniform color or mix several colors. When you come to us with your deck painting request, we will give you advise on the best option. Our exterior designers will examine your exterior space and recommend painting solutions that will make your home awesome. Since most decks are made of wood, we usually recommend neutral colors. Painting is also important since it helps seal any cracks. Wooden decks may have some minor spaces in between the wood. Our Boston deck painters are always ready to help you attain uniformity by sealing any cracks. Our expertise in the industry as the best deck painting contractor Boston MA helps us overcome most obstacles. We know the needs of the residents of Boston and we are able to provide solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. This is the type of Boston deck refinishing Unite Contractors does!

Boston Deck Staining Services

The other option for those who would love to maintain the natural beauty of wood is staining. We can help you attain a beautiful looking deck with its pristine natural beauty of the wood with simple wood staining. Wood stain is much easier to apply and is more affordable than coloring. However, the stain fades away much faster than color. We also provide wood sealing services. Applying a transparent sealant will help protect the wood from water while at the same time retain its natural look.

Boston Deck Maintenance And Repair Services

Unite Contractors deck experts are always ready to come in and save the situation in case of anything. If you are looking for a reliable deck painter Boston MA, you can rely on our services. We will help you paint and repair any deck surfaces that have been washed away. We offer reliable maintenance and repair services to all the residents and business persons in Boston. We recommend that you carry out regular maintenance checks to reduce the long-term cost of repairs. If your deck is broken or the color is fading out, you can give us a call and we will come to asses the situation.

Our Boston Deck Services May Also Include:

Pressure Wash Decks: Cleaning decks of old stain, dirt/mildew and mold with an earth friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution.

Sand Decks: Completely sand the deck to remove all the old stain, slivers and cupping of boards to bring the deck to a smooth and safe surface.

Deck Staining: Applying a high grade, reliable stain product to protect and beautify the deck. This can be applied to pressure treated wood decks, cedar wood decks and more.

Oil Decks: Applying a high grade, reliable oil product to protect and beautify the deck and this can be applied to mahogany wood decks, epi wood decks and more.

Now, it would not be fair to talk about decks and not mention about the different Boston deck styles you can build for yourself. Unite Contractors are unique when it comes to gathering some ideas for deck building in Boston, because there are standards you should follow when building decks in the bay area. Let’s look at them in details, shall we?

Different Boston Deck Design Styles

Contemporary: Less is more. Use sleek, modern design features, basic shapes and clean lines. Low-maintenance materials, such as composite, PVC, metal and even stone.

Colonial: Use elements of classical architecture. Symmetrical design. Consider using white moulded railings with decorative posts caps. Built-in planter boxes, benches and pergolas can be used as accent features.

Traditional: Consider a cottage style that embraces decoration. Octagons and chamfered corners help soften sharp corners. Trim moldings and routed rail caps offer a timeless charm. Cedar and redwood are beautiful warm materials for traditional style decks.

Mountain: The perfect style for a log cabin in the woods. A mountain design features heavy timber framing with rustic log railings. Mountain style decks look more massive and stronger than most other deck styles. Use nature for inspiration and highlight scenic views with lookout areas.

Coastal: Whether you live in Cape Cod or Florida, a coastal deck style is a good choice for a deck overlooking the sea. Use gray composite decking or cedar with white railings to blend into the landscape. Glass and cable rails can work wonders for opening up views. Low-maintenance materials can withstand the extreme weathering of storms for years to come. If you think about it, having a Boston refinish deck contractor can really help!

Have you see a complete Boston deck building process? Well, we want to show you how this process is, so take a look at this quick video, just hit “play” below:

10 Creative Decks Ideas to Inspire Boston Homeowners

Go For Boston Deck Tile: It’s unexpected, but this deck is proof that tile can trump wood in an outdoor space. It cleans easier, and looks a lot more colorful and fun. Adding lanterns, textiles, and vines will finish things off nicely.

Invest In a Swimming Pool: Just because you don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool. Use your roof deck area for poolside lounging and sunning. Also, remember that throw pillows are the perfect way to introduce pops of color.

Consider an Outdoor Fire Pit: Install a fire pit on your deck for a cozier vibe out in the open air. To channel this modern coastal aesthetic, opt for neutral hues, modern lines, and graphic throw pillows.

Build a Custom Jacuzzi: A sleek built-in jacuzzi on the deck will definitely get plenty of use. It also creates the illusion of more free space than a raised hot tub would on a smaller deck.

Paint the Floor: If you have a beach house, you need to paint your deck blue and white striped. Add bistro chairs and a croquet set, and we’re done for.

Make It Multi-Level: While that green spiral staircase is stealing the spotlight in this outdoor haven, the real showstopper here is multi-level deck design. Each nook can be used for something different, whether it’s the intimate built-in bench space or the open deck with chaises for lounging.

Incorporate Plenty of Greenery: Feel like you’re in the jungle (minus the gross humidity and disgusting bugs) by filling your deck with all the potted plants. Then add a coffee table, pendant light, and ample seating for comfortable lounging that rivals the living room.

Frame It With a Bench: Keep your deck clear and open if it’s at the front of your house. To add some visual intrigue and seating, build a continuous bench that serpentines around the border of the deck.

Try a Glass Railing: Opt for glass barrier instead of solid or fenced-off railings—it’s a subtle yet transformative design decision. This will make your deck feel like it leads straight into the sky ahead.

Ditch the Rails: Or, if the deck is low enough, you could just ditch the rails all together. This will create a nice feeling of openness. And using the same color and/or finish for your shingles, deck floor, and stairs will ensure a nice visual flow and sense of cohesion.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Deck Finishes

Ideal for exterior decks, fences, siding and outdoor furniture. 

✔︎ Highlights the natural wood grain
✔︎ Provides sun and rain protection
✔︎ ‘Natural’ color can be tinted to additional color options
✔︎ Resists mildew

*Actual color may vary per application.
*Additional colors available.  

Why Choose Our Boston Deck Finishing Services

Prompt Response: We are always ready to answer your call and send our representatives to your house. The moment we receive your call, we will send our representative to asses the magnitude of work that needs to be done.

Affordability: After assessing your deck and the quantity of work, we will provide a one-time quote that is fully inclusive. Unlike most deck painters in Boston, we do not retain hidden fees. We give you a one-time affordable quote.

Reliability: Once you award as the contract, you can relax and wait for the results. We are the most reliable painters in Boston and we aim to retain our reputation. We work hard to ensure that we meet your quality standards and stay within the timelines.

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If you are in need of a reliable deck painting contractor Boston MA, you can get in touch with us. We offer a variety of finishing services including kitchen, basement, bathroom, and living room remodeling, interior and exterior design, painting and other general repairs. Write to us or give us a call at any time of the day for a free quote. Our phone line works throughout the day and we will be happy to assist you. You can call us for inquiries if you have any questions regarding our services.

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