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Bathroom Remodeling Boston MA

Unite Contractors is a top Bathroom Remodeling Boston MA with more than 25 years of experience, providing amazing home improvement projects all over New England. We will offer years of joy and luxury for your next dream project in your new or old home. It’s safe to say that due to an increase of unprofessional work done by many local contractors, you will unfortunately be reminded that better services are still hard to find.

Mastering Your Bath Remodeling Project

To master a bath remodel in Boston is actually pretty tricky. There are lots of moving parts crowded into a small space. Not to mention water at every turn that is ready to exploit any and all leaks. To keep your Boston bathroom remodel project on track, start by setting a budget and then plan ahead of time. These are important steps to keep your Boston bathroom renovation in check. Work with Unite Contractors to choose the best sink, countertop and toilet for your space and never forget the cabinetry work that needs to be done as well. We prepared a list of tips if you are planning a bathroom remodel in Boston. When you are investing in a home remodeling project, make sure the results add value to your home and save you money in the form of energy and water. 

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Understanding Bathroom Remodeling Boston MA

It’s finally a very different reality nowadays, when you are planning a new bath remodeling project. Due to the development of new technology, we can assure to build something that will last for a long time as well as provide massive value to your home. Now, bathrooms in general is a place which is greatly affected by water and moisture, so the chances of being damaged and the increase of cracks is real, so special care is absolutely needed. It is critical to make the bathroom strong and the materials used to build the bathroom should be strong, high quality and durable.

The bathroom remodel boston gives the 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction and had remodeled and reconstructed thousands of homes across the Boston and in other places. Therefore we have gained vast experience in the remodeling industry. We provide the most affordable and economic bath remodeling services in Boston, MA. Simply make a call for a free quote.

Finding Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Boston

After planning your small bath renovation, it is the time to search for a professional contractor to do the job correctly. However, if your bathroom only needs few coats of paint or replacement of some special fixtures, then hiring a professional may simply add up costing you a ton. But, for entire bathroom remodeling, it is always better to hire the professionals with right expertise and experience to handle it all, from beginning of the process all the way through the finish line. The bathroom contractor in Boston you hire, must have the specialization to handle all types of remodeling work including, water damages, plumbing issues, faulty electricity and other types that are required for bathroom remodeling.

Setting a Realistic Budget

Bathroom remodeling in Boston may sometimes become an expensive project for you, especially if you have not set a budget for this type of work. So, you must spend some time and figure out the budget that you want to spend for the remodeling work and try to stick with it, without adding up the cost. you can start by the most needed elements and materials. Are you changing the sink or just the tub? Are you focusing on flooring and painting as well? Each of these steps are absolutely crucial. All in all, planning the work ahead of time will absolutely help in the long run. Bathroom remodeling budgets can range from $30k all the way up to $120k. It will depend on details, fixtures, and also in many cases functionality. For example if you have a premium bath tub installed, you have to think about water, installation, tiling, either modern or vintage looking fixtures. It all adds up in the end. Have that in mind when planning you net bath remodel project in Boston. This will help you in the long term.

Price and Substitute

If you think of marble sink, chrome faucets & fixtures, glass shower doors with frames, then bear in mind that these all are very expensive. Any time you start with fixtures, you will figure out very early in the remodel process that your budget might not allow to go far. Try going for the simple items first. This can be translated into sheetrock, plaster, painting, some lighting fixtures, basic tiling, etc… this is if you are going for a full blown renovation, otherwise don’t need to do anything else.

Color Matters

Just because it is the room for taking a bath, doesn’t mean that you will compromise with the decor of the bathroom. It is very essential to choose colors of the bathroom that complement the overall decor of the house. There are many colors one can use in the bathroom and we wanted to show you the samples below of bathrooms in different colors. It’s not because bathrooms are “not a place you spend too much time in” that it does not deserve a good color, right? So here are some samples of what we mean.

Consider Special Flooring

Undoubtedly, tile floors are the most widely used floor options for bathrooms till date. So, when it comes to bathroom remodeling, you may consider tile floors or even wood laminated floors which are water-resistant. You may also go for vinyl or linoleum flooring for the bathroom which offers a very classy look. There are many different types of bathroom flooring that you can choose from and we’ll show you some of those below. Now keep in mind that bathrooms in general are wet, and can get wet very easily so it’s good to stay away from some vinyl flooring and if you would be using a ceramic tile, that is properly installed. Our team at Unite Contractors will make sure to use the latest equipment and materials to ensure this will be done correctly and on time!

Great companies can give you better solutions for flooring and all the types that are not only available but that will work well for your home. Here is a quick list of companies that can help you choose the best flooring:

Boston Floor Covering
Wholesale Carpet Corp
Lumber Liquidators

The bathroom is a personal sanctuary. It is a personal spa where you kick off all the stress and relax. When you are planning to remodel your bathroom, remember that you are creating a personal sanctuary where you can unwind after a long day. It is not just a place where you take a bath. What are some of the new Boston bathroom remodeling trends for 2019 – 2020? Here are some of the most creative and hottest designs that will transform your bathroom into a little heaven on earth.

1. Bathrooms Are Becoming Smaller And More Efficient

Many homeowners draw their bathroom design inspirations from the luxe magazine pictures with expansive marble floors and enormous double tubs. The focus is on the efficiency of the small scale luxury bathroom. The secret is ensuring the bathroom is not cramped and comfortable enough. The use of freestanding single-personal bathtubs, small and artfully designed toilets and sink bowls are becoming a popular option.
Other bathrooms have shelves instead of cabinets, space-saving walk-in showers, and floating vanities that create a perception of increased space. Also, there are interesting floor graphic and wall patterns designs that make the room feel large.

2. Under Counter Appliances And Heating Systems

The modern-day bathrooms are now adopting the under counter appliances and the under floor heating systems. The under floor heating system works well in various floor options such as wood, vinyl, concrete, and tile. Also, the under floor heating systems have low noise levels and reduced potential allergies to dust. People are now using smaller bathroom appliances such as cooling and warming systems, and under-counter refrigerators for the medicine and makeup cabinets.

3. Improved Shower And Faucet Designs

Technological advancement has found its ways to the bathroom and showers. The new wave in Boston bathroom remodeling is the Nebia water system which automatizes the water coming out through the faucet. Enjoy your shower without wasting water.
The two shower heads trend is catching up with homeowners. The showers are adjustable to the desired height and come with trendy and adjustable handles. There are smart showers that know the preferred water temperature and play your favorite music as you shower.

4. High Technology Toilets

Japan is the leader in high-tech toilets. However, the fever is slowly spreading to other countries. The 2019 – 2020 high tech toilet chairs have amazing features such as built-in deodorizers, automatic lead openers, and seat warmers. Other even a wireless music system that plays when the toilet lid goes up. It is an ideal option for those who do not carry their cell phones or books to the bathroom.

5. Safety Bench

Statistics show that over 200,000 people will suffer from slip-fall accidents in the bathroom annually. The stone bench in your bathroom enhances safety. Sit down and enjoy a hot shower without worrying about falling or slipping.

6. Neutral Colors Win

Most bathrooms have white, cream, and light brown. However, the neutral colors with some organic infusion is the new bathroom remodeling trend in 2017. There are several ways of blending the natural and organics which give the bathroom a relaxing and natural look, so consider more natural colors for your Boston bathroom remodeling project.

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