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We never take no for an answer, but we face every project as if they were our own. We focus on every detail and never forgetting about the big picture. We strive for perfection – every day.

Being in the industry for many years, we understand what is possible and what is not. We can pick up projects in the beginning as well as just doing the finishing touches. We’re the Boston contractors you can count on.

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About Unite Contractors

There is no doubt about it that your home, the place you always comeback to, is probably among the very few places you need to care for the most. Over the course of the years, you invest time, energy and financial resources to make it look and feel as unique and personal as you can and Unite Contractos have this exact approach when tackling any general contractor Boston service. If you see our team striving for perfecting skills and delivering much more than we anticipated, well, it’s because we simply believe your home should feel great and details will go along way.

Boston Contractor – Little Bit of History

It just makes perfect sense that you should take care of your property. In doing so, you will clearly take advantage and maximize the potential of your investment. Think overtime, think 30, 50 years down the road and your home should feel the same if not better. Unite Contractors has been around for more than 25 years and has been founded by Roberto Fernandes a Boston general contractor and a lover for new home improvement projects.

When it comes to building or remodeling your new home, you need a professional Boston contractor team that will not only give you good ideas but be able to execute them accordingly. You also need superior quality when it comes down to even finding a Boston general contractor that you can trust.

Some Boston Home Improvement Expertise

We specialize in all types of residential and commercial construction projects. Our services can range from basement refinishing, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, home extensions and additions, new home offices, entire home renovations. Overall we are the top general contractor in Boston, MA and we’ve focused on giving our clients one main product – experience.

Whether you want a customized home or business establishment, we are the ideal partner and as an experienced and licensed Boston contractor, we are ready to take care of the turn-key projects of your house construction or any other type of construction as your heart desires.

Contractor Services in Boston You Might Need

✓ General Services
✓ Basement Finishing
✓ Kitchen Remodeling
✓ Kitchen Countertops
✓ Bathroom Remodeling
✓ Driveway & Paving
✓ Home Foundation
✓ Home Addition
✓ Plumbing Services
✓ Electrical Services
✓ House Painting Services
✓ Residential & Commercial Cleaning
✓ Custom Closets
✓ Flooring Services
✓ Custom Cabinetry Services
✓ Gutter Cleaning
✓ Reclaimed Furniture
✓ AC Repair & HVAC
✓ Interior Design
✓ Landscaping Services

How to Prepare Your House For Sell

Why Should Boston Homeowners Trust Us

Our main mission as a general contractor is construction. We pride ourselves in providing living spaces that are unmatched in terms of the design and quality. We reach the perfection through the continuous innovation as well as making it accessible to all.

Boston Contractor’s Performance

Call our business and you will have an improved management process all round. You will therefore be able to have a general contractor that will be able to take care of your building or renovation processes.

Absolute Transparency

We ensure that all our business dealings are transparent and open to you. We do not have any hidden fees and all that is agreed upon is followed. Honesty is among our top priorities in the construction industry and we adhere to it vividly.

Respect Above All Else

We act in total respect towards our clients, employees, investors as well as collaborators. We do not forget future generations because we minimize our environmental footprint.

Prepare Your Home For Sell

4 High Value Home Renovation Projects

Design Boston Bathrooms: A home renovation service in Boston, MA should include the update of the existing bathroom with new tiles, sinks, baths, electrical fittings, showers and toilets.

Design Boston Homes: The skill and experience from the artisans should be used to come up with a vibrant design that includes your style, makes efficient use of your space and most importantly one that will remain relevant for years to come.

Design Boston Basements: The home renovations team should be able to work with you in order to come up with a unique and ideal basement that will come in handy. This not only increases the value of your property but also adds a functional living space.

Finishing Basement Ashland, MA

Designing Boston Kitchens: A kitchen has so many features that should be renovated. Therefore, it is essential to come up with a strategic plan that will ensure all areas are effectively renovated.

Prepare Your Home to Be Sold

So, wether you need a new home renovation in Boston, MA and surrounding areas, or you are looking for a top general contractor nearby to ask some questions and clarify plans, you can rely 100% on our team at Unite Contractors.

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